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The Scroll2Top button improves the ease of use of your online store. Customers can scroll whatever they like all the way to the bottom and instantly get back to the top. This action creates a good user experience and hence, it keeps people on your page. The more they stay there, the more likely they are to buy your products or source your services.

On the other hand, a site that lacks such shortcut buttons frustrates its users. Scrolling far down a page then scrolling all the way back up is tiresome and considered boring by most people. You do not want to see everything you have gone through all over again. The resulting effect is that users would keep off such sites.

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The Scroll2Top button offered by Shopinet is not any other ordinary type of button. It has features that make it attractive and user-friendly. They are as following:

  • It has up to 32 scrolling animated effects. This diversity provides the user with a richer and more engaging experience.
  • It is displayed in up to 8 colors. You can make a selection that would match the theme of your site.
  • There are 6 button positions so that you can place them where your customers would see them best.
  • There are 4 button layouts. Choose a simple one or a more expressive one to fit with the outlook and design of your website.
  • The buttons work well on mobile devices because they are responsive to touch on smartphone screens.
  • There are animated arrow effects below the buttons. The user can clearly see the direction the buttons would move the page.

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Get yourself this awesome addition to your site today and save your customers their time.